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I get really impatient for spring about now.  I have some pretty purple crocus in full bloom in my backyard, but that just makes me more impatient for the rest of the flowers to follow.  And I really just want to get my hands dirty! 

I just started some seeds last weekend and over the next couple of weekends, I’ll start more.  I also took a walk around my yard to see what needs to be addressed in my garden.  I cleaned all the debris out of there at the end of last summer and again after Christmas, however, more weed seeds have sprouted and lots of twigs, etc. have accumulated so the next day off, I’ll clean those out of there, too.  And if I had forgotten to top-dress my garden with a few inches of compost at the end of last summer, I still have time. 

I’m going to start keeping an eye on my forsythia now.  Forsythia buds opening tells me that the soil temperature has begun to warm up just enough that spring weeds and crabgrass will be germinating soon so that would be a good time to put down a pre-emergent lawn weed preventer.  It also tells me that if my roses need a hard prune, this is the time.  Knock-Out roses, in particular, are very vigorous growers and should be cut back by about one-third.  Any diseased or dead canes can be cut all the way back. 

And, maybe, now would be the best time to sit down and actually plan out what I’m planning to plant where this spring.  I do need to remember to rotate tomato family members (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant) with my cucumber family members (cukes, squash, melons, pumpkins) to help prevent disease.  I do this about every three years—or sooner if I had problems with a disease last summer.

If you’re as ready for spring, as I am, we’re having a free seminar this Saturday at 10:00 on Vegetable Gardening.  And seeds will be on sale, too!
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