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I think the best Valentine’s Day gift is a living plant – either a hardy, outdoor plant or a beautiful houseplant.  Yes, I may be biased to live plants but Living plants will keep on giving and last for years to come.   We all know that cut flowers are special but they have a definite expiration date.
Here are some ideas to get you thinking about what to give that special person in your life this coming Valentine’s Day:
  • ORCHIDS – different varieties that will bloom for months.
  • POTTED HOUSEPLANT – houseplants are air purifiers, filtering toxins from the air and releasing pure oxygen.
  • ARICAN VIOLET- array of colors and will bloom for months.
  • CYCLAMEN -  great show stopper with their bright colors.
  • BLOOMING BULB PLANTS SUCH AS DAFFODILS, TULIPS, HYACINTHS – can be enjoyed for the instant beauty and then planted outside in gardens for enjoyment years to come.
  • TERRARIUM – such a popular trend.
  • HELLEBORES – “Lenton roses” -  in bloom now and will continue to bloom for months in the landscape.  An evergreen perennial that is deer tolerant.
  • HEUCHURA – “Coral Bells” -   a very hardy perennials that comes in an array of foliage colors.  Showing foliage color right now.
  • HERBS – perennial or annual – herb gardens can be created to make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea.
  • CAMELLIAS – fall blooming camellias are just finishing and spring blooming varieties will soon start to bloom.  Both camellias make a great evergreen gift to be added to the landscape.
Whether you choose indoor plants or hardy outdoor plants, you can personalize your plant selection by adding special touches such as adding chocolate with the plant or selecting a unique bow and ribbon.  So, don’t wait to the last minute and rush your decision.  Give your gift early and explain “that I just couldn’t wait to the 14th to give you my gift”.
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