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Well, up to this point Mother Nature has been very kind to us with some nice daily temperatures.  We had a little rainfall this week that we definitely need now.  We turn colder with more winter-like temperatures later in the week.  And, we have a chance of more precipitation with this cold front.  We never want any of our plants to be dry going into any cold spells.
                I took a soil temperature reading.  Our soil temperature is 48 degrees which is still warm enough to continue planting this late in the fall.
                Still have bulbs to plant?  No problem.  Now is a good time to be planting daffodils, tulips, and other spring blooming bulbs.
                Leaves have been falling at a rapid pace.  Grind up the fallen leaves and use as mulch around your shrubbery and trees.  By grinding up the leaves it will help them break down into great organic matter that your plants will benefit.  If you are composting these leaves then be sure to give your compost pile a turn in order to accelerate the humus process.
                Don’t forget about our birds.  We all live with nature and birds need our help with food, water, and shelter during the winter months.
                December is the month that we want to give our lawns its last feeding.  If you are following the S.O.D. fertilizing plan, anytime now would be good.  In addition to the fertilizing, you could add a weed killing herbicide in order kill any winter germinating weeds.
                                                                                                Happy Gardening!!
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