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It’s officially winter now and we have already experienced some cold weather here in Central Virginia.  Just imagine what it’s like for our feathered friends.  How do they stay warm?  We, on the other hand, can pursue this hobby by watching our bird feeders from the comfort of our home.
                Every year I get more attached to birding.  So, between my love of gardening and my love of birding, I seem to be in very good company.  I keep a pair of binoculars by the window in order to zoom in on these beautiful creatures.
                So, back to the question as to how do these birds keep warm? To stay warm birds need to stay active, and their activity is fueled by calories and protein.  And, the birds get their calories and protein by eating the seed that we provide in the bird feeders.
Once we start putting food out in our bird feeders, we need to make sure to keep the feeders topped off.  Once we start feeding, the birds become dependent on this bounty of food.  This is the time they need the food the most.
Some of the more common birds to attract to the feeder are:  Tufted titmice, Chickadee, Dark-eyed junco, Blue Jay (and yes, they are bullies at the feeder), Nuthatch, Carolina Wren, Woodpecker, Sparrow, and our beautiful state bird, the Cardinal.
                Personally, I like to use Wild Delight bird seed.  Yes, it may be more expensive but the quality if unmatched.  In the Wild Delight bird seed there are no filler or waste added to the bag. 
                And, don’t forget about the idea of a suet feeder.  Suet is “high octaine” food for birds.
                Lastly, I make sure to sprinkle food on the ground below my feeder for those birds that are ground eaters such as the Robin, Dove, and others.
                If you are interested in learning more about birding, we have a unique opportunity for you to meet with the Richmond Audubon Society during our Kids Day in the Garden event on Saturday, January 21.  
Posted: 12/20/2016 by Doug Hensel | with 1 comment(s)
Nancy Wilder
In anticipation of snowmageddon, I filled a feeder with seed and put out hot pepper suet for the songbirds, not the squirrels. This morning, a bunch of crows were feasting on the suet, until I added the fake owl to the bird sanctuary.
1/6/2017 9:50:22 AM

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