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A Christmas Gift from My Garden to You from Bonnie Pega

I miss my garden this time of year and when I do I pull out some favorite pictures.  These are pictures of things that remind me that spring will come (not soon enough for me) but it will come.  They make me smile.  I hope they make you smile too.

In no particular order, there are pictures of some of my favorite flowers.  There’s Bletilla, a rosy purple perennial orchid vying for space with the Meadow Rue in my side garden; there’s the regular Solomon’s Seal—a shade loving perennial with dainty white bells of flowers hanging from the undersides of the leaves; there’s a picture of my lovely Queen’s Tears--a pineapple family relative with nodding sprays of pink flowers mid-winter; and there’s my fabulous Night-Blooming Cereus--an epiphytic cactus, native to the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona. The flowers only open after sunset—mine opens about nine or ten at night—and by dawn is closed and beginning to wilt.  But with intensely fragrant 7” diameter flowers, they are true night magic.

There are a couple of pictures of my kitty-cat friends who garden with me (then retire to sleep on my bed at night) and a doggy friend—Moses (a 100 pound teddy bear) who is a frequent visitor to our Farmers Market on Thursday.

There is even a picture of a mini 15” tall tomato plant—nothing is safe when I have my camera in hand…

Merry Christmas!

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