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     How about this weather!!!!  We are experiencing some nice temperatures and good, timely rainfall for this time of year.  Mother Nature is making sure that are plants are well watered as we enter December and the inevitable colder temperatures.  Remember...we do not want our plants to be dry going into any cold spell.

     Bec ause of this warm trend, many of our perennials still have green leaves and have not gone completely dormant.  Please, do not cut the green leaves off your perennials.  These green leaves are still very important to the overall health of the plant as it is feeding the roots.

     Mos of our tree leaves have now fallen, except for many of our oak trees, pear trees, and native dogwoods.  These leaves make excellent mulch around shrubbery.  You can grind them up with a mower which will help with breaking down the leaves to great organic matter.

     This is still a great time to be planting spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils and tulips.  Again, the ground is soft to make planting bulbs an easier task.

     Don't forget to feed our feathered friends.  I put out my bird feeder just a few days ago.  I am ready to enjoy watching the birds.

     Be careful about pruning your shrubbery.  You need to learn when the proper time of year to be doing pruning.  Different shrubs have different pruning times.  On our deciduous shrubs and trees you may want to wait for all the leaves to fall off so that you can examine the "skeleton" structure of the plant to see what, if anything, needs to be pruned.

     On some of these upcoming colder days and evenings makes a great time to sit in your favorite chair and look at the new gardening magazines.  A subscription for The Virginia Gardener magazine could make a great gift for your favorite gardener.  Email:  contact@statebystategardening.com to subscribe.

                                                    HAPPY GARDENING!!!!!!!!
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