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BONNIE'S GARDEN--How I Did With Last Year's Resolutions...

Last year, I wrote a blog about my New Year’s resolutions in my garden.  This year, I thought I’d check back and see how I did.

I resolved to be as environmentally friendly as I could in my garden.  I did use all organic fertilizers and insect controls—I read the directions carefully and made sure I used the right product for the problem.  I also had resolved to give my plants more space to help cut down on fungal problems by giving better air circulation.  It was hard to do, but I managed to resist the temptation to squeeze in just one more tomato…AND it helped with my resolution to be environmentally friendly.  By allowing more space between my plants, I also made it harder for insects to spread from one plant to another.

I resolved to plant more pollinator friendly plants in my yard.  I could have done better.  I did plant some milkweed for the Monarch butterfly caterpillars and extra dill for the Black Swallowtails, but kind of got side-tracked by deciding to re-do the perennial bed alongside my house.  Now that that has been taken care of, I ought to be able to do better this year.

Did I plant more herbs like I resolved?  You bet I did!  I planted more around my vegetable garden (not only keeps the deer from eating my veggies, but seems to help with deterring insects, as well).  I also had herbs growing in pots on my deck—environmentally friendly mosquito repellent!

I top-dressed with four inches of mixed compost, like I promised.  I like to mix my composts because that way I get a nice mix of micro-nutrients.  I also added more Greensand.  Greensand is trace elements from marine minerals.  I resolved to replace my old decrepit soaker hose.  I went one better. I bought two—one for the perennial bed AND one for my veggie garden.  I love that they help me to be more environmentally friendly as well.  By putting the water right at the roots, not only does it keep water OFF the foliage (where the plants don’t like it), but less water evaporates.

I promised to obsess less over things I can’t control, like hot, humid days.  Well, I tried, but I still fretted over a wilted leaf on my cuke; a yellow leaf on a tomato plant; a squash bug on my zucchini. 

Finally, I promised to find time to sit in the rocking chair on my deck and enjoy the results of my hard work.  Once I finished re-doing my perennial bed, I did find time to sit and appreciate my garden menagerie—the chipmunk that shinnied up the shepherd’s crook where I hang a bird-feeder and managed to get INSIDE the bird-feeder and fill his cheeks with sunflower seeds; the cat sleeping in the bird bath I’d forgotten to fill; the deer sniffing curiously at the pineapple sage before roaming on its way.

This year, I resolve to do all I resolved last year and also resolve to stop worrying about the lemon balm that has escaped its pot.  It doesn’t get very tall so might not have to be mowed when it makes it into the yard
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