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BONNIE'S GARDEN--Gift Suggestions for Gardeners...

Is there someone on your Christmas gift list who is a died-in-the-wool gardener?  There is on mine (besides me!)  So I’m always on the look-out for something that would make a good Christmas gift.  Below is a list I’ve made of items I have either already given or may give at some future time--or loved getting myself.
  1.  A good-quality rain-gauge.  Most gardeners like to know exactly how much rain we got last night or this morning so they’ll know if they really need to water their vegetable garden tomorrow or not.
  2. Gardening gloves.  If your gardener just needs to keep his or her hands clean, then almost any glove (preferably water-proof) will do.  If your gardener is into roses or has to tangle on occasion with something like pyracantha, then get gloves that go past the wrist and that can protect from thorns.
  3. Good-quality garden pruners. Or, if they already have a pair, maybe a gift certificate to get them sharpened.
  4. Speaking of gift certificates, one to a garden center is always good.
  5. A bird-feeder.  Most gardeners appreciate birds when they come to their yards, eating bugs along the way.
  6. A gift certificate for a manicure.  I know what gardening does to MY hands…
  7. A new set of hand tools. 
  8. A kit to grow herbs on the windowsill.  Most gardeners are getting stir-crazy by January or February.  Get them something to play with.  I look for a kit with pots that have drainage holes and a saucer.
  9. Amaryllis, paperwhites, Christmas cactus, cyclamen—there are many seasonal plants available this time of year.  Something blooming in the living room always brightens a gray winter day.
  10. A good gardening book or subscription to a gardening magazine.
This is really just a starter list.  It could go on and on.  Maybe your gardener is into orchids—a gift of orchid supplies could be good.  Bonsai?  How about a gift of special bonsai tools?  Vegetable gardening?  A selection of their favorite vegetable seeds and seed starting supplies.

The ultimate gift?  Well, for me it was a rocking chair.  I appreciate it greatly at the end of a day, when I can sit with a glass of iced tea and actually spend a few minutes enjoying the fruits of my hard work.
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