Rosemary Topiary

Shaped by pruning into cones, balls, wreaths, or standards, rosemary topiaries are a popular holiday decoration.  The herb rosemary has a wonderful history of ancient myths and folklore, medicinal and culinary uses, and as a popular garden or home accent.  Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinal) appears in accounts of healing, weddings, and table use from ancient Greece and Rome to the present day.  It was thought to repel insects, witches, and even the plague.  Now that I am getting older, I’m thinking of using it to improve my memory as the Elizabethans did.
All the history aside, a nicely pruned rosemary topiary is simply pretty…and it smells good too!  You can keep a rosemary topiary inside for the holidays, but it does not make a good year-round houseplant.  Place it in a cool, very bright to sunny location.  Keep the soil moist but not soggy, making sure the roots do not stand in water.  On nice days, set the plant outside while temperatures are in the upper 30’s or better.  After the holidays, transplant the rosemary to a sunny bed outside, mulching to give it some winter protection.  Prune lightly to maintain the topiary shape, or allow it to grow into a bush.
Don’t forget to use clippings in potpourri, dried arrangements, or in the kitchen.  Take a whiff each time you pass by to help you remember where you left your car keys! 
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