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  Many homeowners ask us how they can reduce deer damage to their gardens.  Having a dog to roam the property can be the most effective deterrent to deer, but not everyone has this option.  So, what other options do you have?
  There are many effective deer repellents on the market, and we carry Messina Wildlife’s DEER STOPPER and BOBBEX.  These are contact repellents that are applied directly onto the plants, making them taste bad to the deer.  Many customers have reported back to us on their success using these products.  I recommend that you apply these repellents monthly and to consider alternating between the two repellents.
   In addition to the liquid spray repellents, we also carry two “area” repellents, MILORGANITE and ESPOMA DRIED BLOOD to spread on the ground around the plants.  Not only have our customers found them to be successful deer repellents, but they also add organic nutrients to the soil. 
  When customers are devastated by the deer damage, I recommend that they do both the liquid repellents along with the dry “area” repellents.  I tell customers to do whatever they can in order to make deer unhappy in your gardens.
  For your convenience, we have a very informative handout that list the plants that are rarely damaged by deer.
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