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BONNIE'S GARDEN--New Year's Resolutions

With New Year’s this week, I have begun to think about my gardening resolutions for the coming year.

I hereby resolve:

To be as environmentally friendly as I can in my garden.  I will carefully read and re-read directions on all garden products I use—both organic and not—to make sure I use them in the safest way possible.  I will be sure to spray either early morning or late evening—avoiding the middle of the day when bees, butterflies and hummingbirds are most active.  And I will be sure to use the correct product to treat my problem.

I will plant more bee/butterfly/hummingbird friendly flowers in my garden.  And I will remember that butterfly friendly also means I need to plant more host plants for caterpillars—after all you can’t have one without the other.  I’ll make sure I have a water source for them, too.

I will plant more herbs.  Not only will I get to enjoy them—both in my kitchen as well as the fragrance—but they help to repel both insects AND four-legged pests like deer and rabbits.

Before I plant my summer vegetable garden, I will remember to top-dress with three or four inches of mixed composts—Leaf-Gro compost, mushroom compost, composted cow or poultry manure, bat guano, etc.  This will give the micro-organisms that live in good healthy soil nutrients to keep them happy.

I will allow enough space around my vegetable plants so they have good air circulation.  With our off-the-scale summer humidity, it only makes sense to help keep fungal problems down any way I can.

I will buy another soaker hose to replace my old one which has begun to split.  A soaker hose is the best way to thoroughly water trees, shrubs, flower and vegetable gardens.  It gets the water right to the roots, where it is needed, without spraying it on the foliage. It’s also a little friendlier to my water bill—because less evaporates.

I will try to obsess less over things I can’t control—such as hot, humid summer days and concentrate on what I can control—my watering, fertilizing, etc.

And, more than anything else, I will remember to sit on my deck sometimes and enjoy my garden.  I will take the time to appreciate the hummingbirds zipping around my hummingbird feeder and the butterflies fluttering around the beebalm.  I’ll admire the tiny cucumbers on my cucumber vine (while I’m also double-checking for any problems I can nip in the bud) and try to catch that first flower popping open on my Oriental lilies.

What are your gardening resolutions for 2015?
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