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FALL IS FOR PLANTING  -  August is a great month to get organized as to what you want to do to your lawn and garden come September.  This is the reason for coining the phrase that August is the “gateway to fall”.  You may ask “why is fall a good planting season”?  According to the Central Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association there are several great reasons for planting in the fall:
  1. In the fall, we have cooler temperatures.  However, the soil remains warm and encourages root growth.  With mild weather, roots may continue to grow through the entire winter.
  2. In spring, established roots begin new growth and develop faster than plants planted in spring.
  3. Plant roots have seven to nine months to develop prior to our traditional, hot and humid summers increasing their rate of survival.
  4. Increased amounts of rainfall and cooler temperatures in the fall provide plants the perfect environment to develop.
  5. In the fall, there are fewer pests and disease problems to interfere with plant development.
So, here is a list of some of the gardening chores that need to be done in August in order to take advantage of the upcoming fall planting season.
  1. I say this every year at this time.  I can’t stress enough the importance of having a complete soil analysis done on your lawn and any of your gardens.  You can contact your local county extension service for more information.  Here are some phone numbers for our area:
  1. Chesterfield County                               804 – 751 – 4401
  2. Henrico County                         804 – 501 – 5160
  3. Powhatan County                    804 – 598 – 5640
  4. Hanover County                       804 – 752 – 4310
August is a great month to have this chore completed so that you can get the results back from Virginia Tech and do any of the recommended soil changes before September rolls around.
  1.  New, fall flower and vegetable seeds are arriving.
  2. If your peonies have not been flowering or performing as well as in the past, it may be due to the fact that they need to be divided.  Late August is an ideal time to dig up and divide peonies.  Be sure to add some Espoma Plant or Espoma Bulb Tone in the hole at the time of replanting.
  3. LAWN CARE  -  August is the month to aerate, add lime if needed, and remove all debris from the lawn in order to get ready for fertilizing and over seeding in September.
  4. According to the Virginia Tech’s  ‘Guide to Pruning’ – roses are the only plant listed to be pruned in August.  Also, this should be the last month for feeding roses.  Roses will continue to bloom through the fall.
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