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OK, I am stepping out of my comfort zone here a little with this blog.  I much rather write about outdoor plants and gardening trends.  But, I do know a thing or two about tropical houseplants.  In reality, as I reflect back on my life journey, houseplants have always been a part of my life.  As with me, houseplants do play an important role with so many people and having them as a part of their lives.  And, it is important to treat all houseplants with the care that they deserve and needed in order for them to perform at their highest level.
Yes, it may only be mid-August right now.  But, so many of us have tropical houseplants outside that will need to be brought inside in the next month.  So, let’s be prepared as to what we decide to bring inside for the winter by keeping the safety of our pets in mind.  For example, one tropical plant that people love to have outside for the summer is Oleander.  Well, Oleander is one of the most toxic plant to pets.
                Also, so many millennials are now buying homes and condos.  As they get settled in to their new home, they want to add some plants to the indoor decorating.   It would be very prudent of them to do some research on houseplants and what plants are easy to care for and what plants are safe around pets.
                Before making any selection, the first task is to decide the location you want to place a plant and understand the lighting requirements.  Just like outside plants, indoor plants can require more sunlight than others and there are houseplants that are considered low light plants.  I use this terminology with outdoor plant selection but it applies to this scenario as well  -  RIGHT PLANT, RIGHT LOCATION.  To be happy with the selected houseplant first understand the growing characteristics and light requirements of each houseplant.
                Are you aware of the health benefits of having plants in your home or office?  Houseplants are referred to as the “clean air machines”.  NASA research has shown that foliage plants scrub the air.  Plants naturally “breathe in” carbon dioxide during the process of photosynthesis.  As a result of this process, oxygen is release by the plants’ leaves.  Plants also breathe in pollution in the air around them and the toxins then move through the plant to the root zone.
                Here is a list of some of the more easy care plants that are safe for pets:
  1.  African Violets                                  6.  Money tree
  2. Palm trees                                          7.  Ponytail Palm
  3. Spider Plants                                      8.  Snake Plant
  4. Weeping Fig                                       9.  Boston Fern
  5. Yucca                                                     10.  Rubber plant
Here is a list of some of the more toxic plants for pets
  1.  Dieffenbachia species                  6.  Anthurium
  2. Chinese evergreen                        7.  Crown-of-Thorns
  3. Philodendron species                   8.  Croton
  4. Pothos                                                 9.  Lantana
  5. Alocasia species                               10.  Oleader
Bottom line:  my advice with selecting houseplants for your home or office is to be aware of care requirements and to keep the safety and health of your pets in mind with your selection.
                                                       HAPPY “INDOOR” GARDENING

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