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Here we are in the last couple of weeks in August and you are ready for more color in the garden.  Sure the summer annuals are still blooming.  And, some perennials are now in color such as the different varieties of Rudbeckia.  And, of course, we have a Virginia favorite with our beloved Crape Myrtles that are still in bloom.  But, what else can we plant that will add fresh color to a garden this time of year?  Here are a few suggestions:
  1.  ALTHEA – “Rose of Sharon” is a very hardy shrub that is now in color.  It comes in different shades of white, pink, blue, and purple.  All it needs is to be planted in the full sun and give it some space to grow.  REMEMBER – always know the growing characteristics of any shrub before you buy so that you make sure to give it ample space to grow.
  2. SEDUM – A great hardy, sun-loving perennial for our region.  Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ is one that is very popular and coming into color.  There are other fall blooming Sedums to consider planting this time of year.  And, as a bonus, our beloved bees and butterflies love the flowers on Sedums.
  3. ORNAMENTAL GRASSES – All the ornamental grasses are putting on a striking show with the plumes right now.  I love ornamental grasses and how they can enhance a sunny garden.  And, there are so many varieties that it would be hard not to find one that would fit your landscape.  TIP – late this fall DO NOT cut off the plumes and leaves of the ornamental grasses.  Wait until next February to cut them to the ground in order to get them ready for the upcoming spring growing season.  I love seeing the brown blades of grass and the dried plumes in the winter.  I think they add a nice winter interest to any landscape.
  4. ABELIA  -  “Glossy Abelia” as it may be called.  Edward Goucher is one variety that is popular with its pinkish flowers right now.  But, my favorite is Kaleidoscope.  Kaleidoscope is an evergreen shrub with multi-colored leaves and tiny white flowers at this time of year.  It will grow 3’ x 3’ mounding.  As we begin to cool down in the late fall the color becomes more vibrant red.
  5. YUCCA filamentosa ‘COLOR GUARD’  -  This plant takes the “yuk” out of Yucca.  This is by far my favorite yucca with its showy variegated bright yellow and green leaves.  This yucca is drought and deer tolerant.  It will grow 2’ x 2’ and needs to be planted in full sun.  Another unique characteristic of Color Guard is that the yellow color will tinge to pink as we begin to cool down for the fall and winter.
I just highlighted five plants for you to consider planting now for color in August.  I could have gone on and on with other plants.  But, you will just need to come to the garden center and see all the plants that are showing great color and interest in late August.
                                                                                                HAPPY GARDENING
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