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Have you ever thought to yourself as to why you enjoy gardening and why others, maybe even some family members or some friends have absolutely no interest in gardening?  What is it about gardening and being around plants that has made gardening the # 1 hobby. From time to time I ask myself why I love gardening the way I do and why I choose to work with plants and fellow gardeners as my working career.  For me, I credit God for putting me on this path.  And, I am so grateful because this is not what I thought I wanted to do in life when I moved to Richmond. 
                Some of the sound reasons for gardening are for EXERCISE, BEAUTY, MEMORIES, LEARNING, and FOOD.  For the avid gardener or the fanatic gardener it is because we live to garden for all five reasons.  I fall in line as being an avid, fanatic gardener.  So, reflect about yourself for a moment and see what five reasons seem to define you the best. 
                Here is my personal insight into why I love gardening:
EXERCISE  -  The American Heart Association  is a big advocate for gardening.  People who garden tend to get more daily exercise and eat healthier.  Gardening is good exercise for the mind as we challenge our thinking with new plants and new landscaping projects.
BEAUTY  -  A well landscaped and maintained property increases the value of a home by 10% and more.  Every spring and fall I plant flowers and vegetables. 
MEMORIES  -  For the baby boomers, such as myself, we grew up being influenced by our grandparents, who learned to garden out of necessity in order to sustain a quality of life that provided fresh produce to feed a large family and community during hard times, such as The Great Depression.  As a kid, I would tag along with my family and help pick vegetables and fruit.  Then I would spend time inside the house helping to clean the vegetables and prepare them for canning.
LEARNING  -  I used gardening as a tool for teaching my two sons the value of working outside, working and appreciating nature, and the love of plants.  They are now grown men with their own homes and they love gardening and landscaping.  And they, in turn, have had an influence on many of their friends to appreciate gardening.
FOOD  -  One of the biggest, if not the biggest, gardening trend is vegetable and fruit gardening.  Vegetables and fruit can be grown in containers and raised bed gardens.  People have appreciated the idea of growing vegetables and enjoying food that is locally grown.  By growing your own vegetables you are in control of how they are grown and whether you choose to use many organic practices with your food.  It goes without saying that growing your own vegetables and fruit is a cost savings to the monthly home budget.
So, there you are.  In some ways, I did a self analysis and shared some of my insight as to how and why I love gardening and plants.  I could go on and on but I just want you to think about yourself when you are outside in this heat and think about yourself and why you love gardening.  Hopefully, this reflection will put a smile on your face.
                                                                                                HAPPY GARDENING
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