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August is the time to be doing your homework on what you want to plant this fall.  And, think about location of the shrubs and trees with your landscape scheme.  The benefits of proper placement of shrubs and trees around the home or office are significant.  With rising energy costs, we are looking for ways to conserve energy in the home and office.  Proper use of shrubs, trees, vines can modify the climate around our home and office and reduce heat gains in the summer and heat losses in winter.  Plants can protect your home and office from winter winds and shade it from summer sun.  So, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION is paramount in establishing an energy control environment by using shrubs and trees.
                Simply put…shade trees such as oaks, maples, and shrubs such as viburnums, dwarf crape myrtles, barberry etc. are in leaf to give our home shade during the hot, summer months.  The recommended way to provide shade is to plant deciduous shrubs and trees on the east, southeast, south, southwest and west sides.  Be sure to study the growing characteristics of any plant to understand their mature height so that they will be properly spaced and provide desired shade.  Tree and shrub arrangements that provide shade in summer will become leafless in the winter which will allow sunlight to reach the home or office.  The only shade will come from the tree and shrub trunks and small branches.
                There are a lot of statistics that proves properly placed shrubs and trees can make a difference with the heating and cooling bills.  But, I am not going to bore you with these statistics.  If you think about it, it just makes logical sense.  Happy planting!!
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