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Recently a customer was buying a couple of herbs and just to strike up a conversation stated that he grew up with these herbs and was curious as to how long herbs have been used by humans.  So, I decided to look into our Bible for some history on herbs.
Some of you may find this blog as interesting as it was for me to do the research because I had no idea how often different herbs are mentioned in the Bible.
People who lived in Jesus’ time used the herbs not only for food but to flavor food and also for medicinal purposes.  For the earth which drinketh in the rain that cometh oft upon it, and bringeth forth herbs meant for them by whom it is dress, receiveth blessing from God.  HEBREWS 6:7.
We know that biblical people set aside plots specifically for herbs:            1 KINGS 21:2
Hyssop was often referred to as the herb used in purification:   PSALMS 51:7
Hyssop was also used to prevent blood from coagulating which may explain why the Jews in Egypt were told to use it at the time of the Passover:     EXODUS 12:22
The medicinal use of Hyssop can be found in      JOHN 19:29 -30
Solomon must have been a very wise man for in proof of his wisdom this passage can be found:               1 KINGS 4:33
Mint was well known as being used for flavoring food as it still is today.  Some Bible experts say mint was among the “bitter herbs” mentioned in EXODUS 12:8 and NUMBERS 9:11 along with leaves of endive, chicory, lettuce, watercress, sorrel, and dandelions.  All of these were eaten as a salad.  Mint was eaten after a meal as a form of digestive aiding.
Parsley was used at the Passover as a symbol of a new beginning because it was one of the first herbs to pop up in the spring.  The Romans served it at banquets as a breath freshener.  Another passage reflecting the bitter herbs is EXOCUS 12:8 and also NUMBERS 9:11.
Garlic is still the same garlic we use today.  It was a favorite thing to eat by the Kings of the times.
This blog is not all inclusive when it comes to listing all the different times that herbs are mentioned in the Bible.  But, it does offer you enough references to give you a sense as to how long herbs have been used by humans.
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