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We are now into the “dog days of summer” and many of our perennials are beginning to stop flowering and are at the beginning stages of going dormant.  Many perennials will perform better if they are divided every two or three years.  If the clumps get too big, the roots / tubers choke each other out.
                Here are some helpful tips for being successful in dividing your perennials:
Timing of this dividing project and your technique are important to being successful
  1.  Water the plants to be divided thoroughly
  2. Prune the foliage to about 6” from the ground to ease your effort in dividing
  3. Divide when the plants still look good
  4. Lift the parent plant up out of the ground to make your divisions
  5. Make sure that each division has a good root system
  6. Keep the divided perennials roots moist and protected from the sun and wind
  7. Discard any suspicious or diseased perennials and keep only the healthiest divisions
So far our weather in August is fantastic to get ahead on this project.  Now is the perfect time to divide daylilies, iris, and peonies.  Some other perennials, such as hosta and ferns could wait a little longer.
I plan to divide all my daylilies.  It has been three years.  I don’t think they performed as well this year as they had in the past.  My daylilies are very crowded.  My goal is to dig up the clumps.  Make as many divisions as possible.  Re-plant and expand my daylily garden.  And, give away all the extra lilies to family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.
With so much already going on with gardening starting in September, why not get a jump start and begin now on dividing some of your perennials.
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