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April 22 is Earth Day.
The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970 – leave it up to the Hippies (now Baby Boomers) to create a day that is still supported and relevant after 46 years.
Earth day was welcomed as one way to focus more attention to the planet upon which we depend for survival.  The theme has been “recycle, reuse and reduce.”  What will you recycle, reuse or reduce today?  Many of us do all three and faithfully practice these important life habits.
We love the idea of recycling the plastic pots that our plants come in.  We have a bin outside of our exit door to collect plastic pots.  We love it when customers bring used pots and then we love watching other customers help themselves to needed pots.  To us this is a perfect example of recycling and reusing. 
Our planet is a beautiful place and we should keep it that way.  As a horticulturist, I appreciate good soil, safe water, clean air and each of us has to do our part ti keep planet Earth in good condition.
April 29 is Arbor Day.
Many schools will celebrate Arbor Day by planting a tree on school grounds or elsewhere.  A White Dogwood, that is our state tree, is a good tree to plant to commemorate Arbor Day.  When planting, always be aware of the eventual growing habit of the tree.  Also, Miss Utility may need to be contacted before digging.
After planting a tree, remember these words from a Minnesota Shade Tree advocate, “to plant a tree is to make a small part of the Earth a new and beautiful place.”
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