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GARDEN TALK with DOUG - Breaking Sweat with Gardening

Working in your garden is a great way to exercise.  Whether you are bending to pull weeds, hoeing in your vegetable garden, or spreading mulch, you are using major muscles all over your body and you are sure to break a sweat.


            I am no Jack LaLanne but I may act like it when I am out doing gardening.  Just mentioning Jack LaLanne gives away my age.  For the benefit of the X and Y generation gardeners, Jack LaLanne was a television fitness icon.  I am now in my sixties and love the physical and mental workout that gardening gives me each week.


            Whether you are a five year old beginning gardener or a senior gardener like me, gardens can be great training grounds to get exercise and a healthy workout.  Gardening provides the regular physical activities that can reduce the risk of many illnesses.  Think about the amount of bending, lifting, and squatting that you do while in the garden.


            Here are some helpful tips to keep fit and healthy with gardening:


1.      Keep in mind that gardening is a great calorie burner.

2.      Good posture and lifting properly are very important to stay fit.

3.      Take a brisk walk around your gardens to warm up and so some stretching and bending during the walk to loosen up muscles.

4.      Raking is like using a rowing machine.  It is important to alternate your movement.


5.      Mow your lawn – pushing a lawn mower is like walking on a treadmill but

much more gratifying and therapeutic.

6.      Bending and pulling weeds is a great workout to strengthen your back and leg    



7.      Carrying bags of mulch or soil is like lifting weights.


Any gardener will tell you that spending time in the garden is a good workout for the body as well as the mind.  You want to break a sweat and you want to feel gratification for all your hard work in the garden.


                        HAPPY SPRING TO EVERYONE!


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