April 2013

Planting a Three Sisters Garden

A Native American version of Companion Planting

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GARDEN TALK with DOUG - Breaking Sweat with Gardening

Outdoor gardening is a good workout for your body and mind.

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Companion Planting

My Granddaddy always planted sage in his strawberry patch. He said it made the berries sweeter. He also planted pumpkins in his corn field—said it helped to keep the critters out. I was a very little girl when he lived on the farm, but to me a corn field still looks naked without pumpkins running through it.

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Tropical Paradise

Creating the tropics in your own garden.

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GARDEN TALK with DOUG - Those menacing VOLES!

What you need to know about voles and what you can do to get rid of them.

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One of the Best Things About Spring...

I LOVE asparagus. It’s one of my favorite things about spring. Boiled, broiled, grilled, oven-roasted—did I mention that I LOVE asparagus? The only thing better is fresh picked asparagus. I have a very very small asparagus bed and I hoard those precious spears like gems. And it doesn’t produce nearly enough to feed my asparagus addition so I rely on our Farmers’ Market to fill in.

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I'm (coco)Nuts for Palm Trees

Beautiful indoor palm trees.

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GARDEN TALK with DOUG - Pruning 101

Learning the basic principals of pruning

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Dahlias--Summerlong Color

Did you know that Dahlias are the official flower of the cities of Seattle and San Francisco? It's also the National Flower of Mexico. For me, it's enough that it's durable and beautiful.

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Hanging Basket Spring Fever

Annual flowering baskets.

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GARDEN TALK with DOUG - Doing the Right Thing

Challenging all gardeners to think about water wise gardening

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Planting an Elephant...Ear, that is

Have you ever going to a luau and eaten Poi (you know, that stuff that tastes like the paste we used in elementary school?) If you have, you have eaten an Elephant Ear.

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