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Jolly Gardener Soil Products

Jolly Gardener Premium potting mixes and outdoor planting soils are carefully blended with the highest quality ingredients to ensure consistency and success in each and every bag. Jolly Gardener includes Premium Potting Mix, Premium Moisture Mate Potting Mix and Premium Garden Soil: Veggie, Fruit, Flower & Herb Blend.



Jolly Gardener Premium Moisture Mate Potting Mix contains the same quality elements as Jolly Gardener Premium Potting Mix but also includes polymer crystals to help prevent over- and underwatering of plants, saving you both time and money. In addition, the mix includes plant food that
feeds plants up to four months. 



Jolly Gardener Premium Garden Soil is specially blended to promote strong root growth for robust fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. The mix includes plant food that feeds up to four months, encouraging growth of nutritious, edible plants and healthy, plentiful flowers.




The Jolly Gardener Premium line was formulated by industry veteran and master blender, Steve Jarahian. Jarahian has more than 4 decades experience in the horticulture industry and is a renowned expert in the development of soilless media mixes. His experience includes blending raw materials for professional results (growers) and institutions, including universities and botanical gardens, as well as for packaged consumer goods.