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Fall Decorating Supplies


The Great Big Greenhouse 2012
Fall Decorating Supplies
The Great Big Greenhouse can also be your Fall Decorating Headquarters.
If you are planning a school function or decorating your place
of business we can offer the following prices for your convenience
for any purchase exceeding $100.00.
Simply bring in this price sheet to your nearest Meadows Farms Nursery,
let us know what your Fall decorating needs are and we will extend our
wholesale price for your organization.
All items listed below are at least 20% off our already low retail price.
                           Decorating Items
                      WHOLESALE PRICE


Pumpkins (5-50 lbs.)
                                   .30 / lbs.
Exotic Pumpkins / Gourds
                                   .79 / lbs.
Big Max Pumpkins (70-100lbs.)
Indian Corn
Spookies (Softball sized baby pams)
Mini Pumpkins
Burpee Prize Pumpkin (135-170lbs.)
Strawberry Corn
Corn Stalks
Mini Deco. Straw bales
Fall Plant Material
8" pot Mums
10" pot Mums
12" pot Mums
1/2 Bushel Mums
8" pot Cabbage & Kale
6" pot Pansies
3g pot Grasses