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Christmas Fundraising Pricing

Merry Christmas!     

Yes, it's time to start planning for your holiday plant needs.

We have shared great success with local schools and youth organizations doing our poinsettia fundraiser over the past 25 years.

We offer discounted prices with quantity purchasing to anyone interested. If you are looking to decorate the office or church, organize a fundraiser, or give a thoughtful gift to special clients, Meadows Farms can offer the perfect holiday solution

Our new vendor last season grew the nicest crop of poinsettias we've ever had to offer. Be sure to check out our pricing below for sizes and varieties offered. You can also download the pricing sheet at the link below.

To download our 2017 pricing sheet click here.

Best wishes and happy holidays from all of us here at Meadows Farms Nurseries.


In red, white, pink, marble, jingle bells (not all colors available in every size.)
  Regular Price 20 or More
4.5" pot, single plant, 2-3 blooms $4.99 $3.50
6" pot, single plant, 3-5 blooms $7.99 $6.39
6" pot, single plant, 4-6 blooms $10.99 $8.79
7" pot, two plants, 8-10 blooms $11.99 $9.59
8" pot, three plants, 10-12 blooms $24.99 $19.99
10" pot, three plants, 20-24" tall, 10+ blooms $34.99 $27.99

FREE FOIL WRAP on all poinsettias.

Clear plastic drainage saucers are available in all sizes. Prices starting at .29 cents.

Pot bows are available for poinsettias at a moderate price, as well as custom bows to decorate your wreaths or garland.


All double faced
White Pine 20" $13.50
White Pine 26" $16.00
Balsam 20" $17.50
Balsam 26" $22.00
Balsam 32" $26.00
Boxwwod 16" $17.50
Boxwood 20" $21.50
Boxwood 26" $25.50
White Pine & Balsam 20" $17.00
White Pine & Balsam 26" $21.00
White Pine & Balsam 32" $25.50
White Pine & Boxwood 20" $20.00
White Pine & Boxwood 26" $22.00
Balsam & Boxwood 20" $21.00
Balsam & Boxwood 26" $25.00


White Pine 25 yards $24.00
Balsam 25 yards $48.00
Boxwood 25 yards $56.00

Live and cut Christmas tree prices are available upon request.

We carry a nice selection of artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, and garland. Call for pricing.

We offer delivery in the Richmond Metropolitan area Monday through Friday. Call for pricing.

For more information call Kathy Madsen or Nancy Weart at (804) 320-1317, or email Kathy@greatbiggreenhouse.com