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What's at the Market This Week

Today is the first day of Spring--rainy and chilly--but Spring, none-the-less! They're calling for snow on Wednesday--Yuk! However, Thursday you can warm up at our Farmers Market. 

Real Country Sausage would be a great way to warm up--toss some brats or chorizo or Andouille or (my favorite) kielbasa on the grill! Unkol Chuck will be here with Brunswick Stew--for here or for later and Phal's Cafe will be here with Asian noodle bowls, kebobs, fried rice, spring rolls and more!

Free-ranged eggs and local raw honey are available as are one-of-a-kind crafts from local artisans. (Be sure to go by Rhoda Cards for unique and fun Easter cards.)

Thursday, we are here from 10 until 2 inside The Great Big Greenhouse!


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