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What's at the Market This Week

Saturday, April 22, is Earth Day. Earth Day was established in 1970 and is now celebrated in 192 countries. Its purpose is to demonstrate our support for our environment. So what can we do? We can recycle, use reusable tote bags for shopping, buy reusable water bottles instead of throwaways, allow for more "green" space in our yards, plant wildlife friendly trees, shrubs and flowers.

And we can shop at a Farmers Market. Did you know that by the time most food gets to the grocery store, it has traveled approximately 1500 miles? This uses vast amounts of fossil fuels, not to mention large quantities of packaging materials. Locally grown or made products do not have to travel very far! 

And do I need to even mention that locally grown produce just plain tastes better? Or that locally made food products contain ingredients you can actually pronounce? That crafts are original, hand-crafted and local--not made by machines--or people in other countries?

This week at the Market: Fresh asparagus, arugula, kale, collards, mustard greens, radishes, spinach, spring onions and strawberries. Free-ranged eggs and local raw honey are available.

Goin Family Farm will be here with antibiotic/hormone-free pastured beef and beef products (the all- natural beef sticks are on sale for just $1.50 through April and are delicious) and fresh-baked goods); Phal's Café will be here with Asian noodle bowls, spring rolls, kebobs and more (for here or to go); and Unkol Chuck's Brunswick stew will be here as well.

Real Country Sausage will be here with a variety of nitrite-free pork sausages; Melrose Farms will be here with a variety of jams and jellies; Two-and-a-Half Irishmen will be here with a variety of delicious baked goods (his scones would be perfect with Melrose Farms jams); and Josh's Jungle will be here with his hot pepper-infused salts (terrific on Real Country Sausage's brats.)

As always, crafts from local artisans are available.

And as an Earth Day present, the first fifteen people who stop by Goin Family Farm, will receive a reusable Farmers' Market tote bag.

We're here every Thursday from 10 until 2 in the parking lot of The Great Big Greenhouse!

April 19, 2017 - 

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