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Heucheras (Coral Bells, Alumroot)

This incredible perennial species has been one of the breeder’s favorite plants for the last 10 years and for good reason. Heuchera are native to all of North America and therefore perform great in everyone’s own backyard. They are drought tolerant and prefer soil to be a little more alkaline than acidic (clay). It is necessary to add some gardening soil when transplanting into the ground for best results. The hybrids that have been developed in recent years have an extensive array of colors,
shapes, foliage types and blossom sizes. Heucheras will bloom from early June until the end of August, but the foliage is the most eye catching aspect of these perennials. Most varieties do best in part shade with some morning sun, but thanks to breeders there are varieties that flourish from
full sun to full shade. Heucheras have also been cross hybridized with another shade perennial called Tiarella to produce: Heucherella, which has added even more fantastic colors and textures to this extraordinary line of perennials.