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Herb and Vegetable Gardens

All of our vegetables and herbs are grown right in our neighborhood to assure a garden that's guaranteed to succeed.  The Great Big Greenhouse carries a full line of Large 6" pot vegetables grown by our own Jim Meadows.  Whether your planting a full backyard vegetable garden, or a container garden for the deck we'll have all of your culinary needs... from heirlooms to the latest hybrids and over 60 varieties of herbs.        

Large 6" Vegetable Plants Edible Herbs
Tomatoes (over 25 varieties) Angelica
Beans Bush / Pole Anise Hyssop
Broccoli Arugula
Brussels Sprouts Basil, Asst.
Cabbage Basil, Purple
Cantaloupe Basil, Sweet
Cauliflower Borage
Collards Burnet
Cucumber Calendula
Eggplant Caraway
Honeydew Catnip
Lettuce  Chamomile Asst.
Okra Chervil
Onions (scallion & large) Chives, Garlic
Peppers - Bell Chives, Onion
Peppers - Hot Coriander / Cilantro
Pumpkin  Curry
Spinach Dill
Squash Fennel
Strawberries Geranium Scented 
Watermelon Germander
Zucchini Horseradish
  Lavender, asst.
  Lemon Balm
  Lemon Grass
  Marjoram, Sweet
  Mint, Apple
  Mint, Candy
  Mint, Chocolate
  Mint, Lime
  Mint, Orange
  Mint, Peppermint
  Mint, Spearmint
  Oregano, Italian
  Oregano, Greek
  Oregano, Cuban


  Rosemary, asst.
  Sage, common

Sage, Golden variegated

  Sage, Pineapple
  Sage, Purple
  Sage, Tricolor
  St. John's Wort
  Sweet Annie
  Thyme, Elfin
  Thyme, English
  Thyme, Lemon
  Thyme, Red Creeping
  Thyme, Silver Edge
  Thyme, Wooly
  Vicks Plant
  Winter Savory