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Fall Bulbs for Spring Color

When to plant bulbs for Spring flowers

For those great splashes of early Spring color in your landscape, plant tulip, daffodil, crocus and other hardy bulbs in the Fall.  Planting time is from September through mid-December.

  • Crocus - Blooms Late February to Late March
  • Tulip - Blooms Late March to Early May
  • Daffodils - Blooms Late March to Late April
  • Hyacinth - Blooms Late March to April
  • Dutch Iris - Blooms April to May

How to plant Spring bulbs

SOIL:  Plant in rich, well – drained soil.  Use one part manure or other organic compost and one part existing soil.  Add bone meal to the hole before placing bulb.  Once bulb is placed, cover with soil mix.             

WATER:  Keep bulbs moist after planting and well watered while growing.

MULCH:  Use your favorite Meadows Farms mulch to cover the bulb bed with a 3” layer for protection.

FERTILIZER:  Use 5-10-5 over the top of the bed while leaves are growing in the Spring.

** If mice, moles, or chipmunks are a problem, plant bulbs in wire cages to keep them out.           

** Do not remove the leaves from your bulbs until they have yellowed and died naturally.    This feeds the bulbs for next spring’s flowering.