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Fall Lawn Feeding

Fall Lawn Feeding
The fall is a great time to feed lawns in the Mid Atlantic region. Fescue grasses, blue grasses and ryegrasses all benefit from fertilizing in the fall. The hot dry summers in our area are hard on lawns and fertilizing will help to restore vigor in your yard.
Grass has less competition from weeds, insects and disease during the fall due to the cooler temperature. This allows the grass to use the nutrients from feeding. Fertilizing now will make your lawn healthier so that it can make through next summer’s heat and drought. Even after the grass stops growing the roots continue to develop, adding strength to your lawn. Thick healthy roots make for thick healthy grass. Grass roots store carbohydrates through the fall and winter that are released in the spring to produce a nice green carpet of grass.
Pennington Winterizer Fertilizer is 22-0-14 formula designed to fertilize lawns in the Mid Atlantic Region. Pennington Winterizer Weed & Feed also is also 22-0-11, and kills over 175 varieties of weeds including dandelion, clover, plantains and chickweed. The weed and feed product should not be applied to newly seeded lawns until the new grass has been mowed at least two times. These products do not contain phosphorus; run off of phosphorous has been proven harmful to the Chesapeake Bay.
Follow the recommended application rate of any fertilizer when applying to lawns. Meadows Farms recommends fertilizing in September and then again six to eight weeks after the first fall application.