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Fall Foliage

Fall is rapidly approaching and the foliage will be turning soon.  Planting trees and shrubs in the fall allows them to produce roots that will benefit growth in the spring. Selecting plants that offer fall color or berries will add to the appeal of your landscape for an extended season.  Here is a chart to get you started... Remember that FALL is for PLANTING!

Red Maple Red / Maroon no 50' plus
Birch Gold / Yellow no 40' plus
Dogwood Scarlet / Purple yes 20'
Oaks Red / Bronze / Brown yes 80' plus
Sycamore Gold / Brown no 80' plus
Itea (Sweetspire) Red / Purple no 10'
Burning Bush Bright Red no 8'
Nandina Yellow / Red yes up to 8'
Barberry Reds & Yellows no uo to 6'
Aronia (Chokeberry) Red / Burgundy yes 8'
Ginko Yellow / Gold no 75'
Viburnum Red some varieties up to 15'
Serviceberry Orange / Red yes 20'
Black Gum Deep Red sometimes 50'
Fothergilla Gold / Orange no 6'