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Outdoor Farmers Market

Every Thursday from 10am-2pm. Over 25 vendors, plenty of parking and dog friendly!

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Andre Viette Lecture

Join Andre Viette on Sunday, April 18th at 1pm for his seminar, "The Best of the Best Plants for Yout Garden"

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Ramblin' in the Garden


   Our butterflies need our help! - especially, the Monarch butterfly.  Here are some butterfly - gardening tips to consider this spring and summer.


After Easter, what to do with your lily.

BONNIE'S GARDEN--Why I Plant Dahlias

A rainbow of colors ALL summer long...

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Native Plants

Native plants are nature's ideal source of food and protection for wildlife. Because they are native to our area and have evolved in this climate and our soil they will generally require minimal care. Check out this list of natives.


Hydrangea: Summer-Long color and more. No other group of shrubs we know has undergone such a transformation in recent years as Hydrangeas.